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Publications: Studies, Articles and Manuals

Article “One Stop Shop to better Government in Kazakhstan” in Local Governance Brief
Starting 2001, the Republic of Kazakhstan has made notable developments in public administration, including the introduction of a politically independent civil service, with merit-based system for recruitment and promotion, consultation in public service delivery and country wide one-stop-shop opening. In this context, the article touches upon such initiative begun in 2005 and provides a synthesis of recommendations for OSS improvement.
Read this article in Local Government Brief -summer edition 2006
“Compendium of good practices and effective models, tools, techniques for enabling citizens to participate in local self-government decision-making”, published under Good Local Governance Project financed by USAID Montenegro
This compendium has drawn from GDL’s international experience, especially in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. The authors present explanatory essay on participation process, its objectives and organization, details related to each main participation level and guidance to conduct more than 30 participation tools. The 45 good practices illustrate experiences from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Kosovo, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA.
The Compendium is developed as an indexed loose-leaf manual that can be easily expanded, edited, and updated.
Study “Practical Guide For Local Government Training In Central And Eastern Europe”, published in Budapest by Local Government and Public Reform Initiative
The study discuss some methodological aspects of training for local governments in transitional countries from various perspectives, such as the impact of training on organizational changes and capacity building of local governments, what local governments should know before contracting or accepting invitations to training programs, and what individual trainers and training organizations could do to improve training quality. The author, Daniel Serban, insists on the fact that the training must be of a correspondingly high quality itself, be properly organized and flexible enough to build-up sufficient potential for any given local administration to countervail both old administrative mindsets and new administrative ignorance.
Read and download this study here (external link) 
Study “Evolving Intergovernmental Relations For Effective Development In The Context Of Regionalization” published in Budapest by Local Government and Public Reform Initiative
The paper authored by Claudia Pamfil combines methodological, theoretical and technical aspects in order to emphasize the need for correlation between process and content referring to flexible approaches that are appropriate in the new context of globalization and decentralization. It also tries to respond to the need to harmonize different requirements coming from local community groups, the private sector, national institutions, regional priorities and international institutions, when all must be consider in order to design appropriate policies and frameworks for implementing viable development measures.
Read and download this study here (external link) 
Manual “Curriculum Development Training and Training of Trainers on Local Self Government issues”, published under Municipal Assembly Support Project, financed by OSCE mission in Serbia and Montenegro
The manual assisted the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities in Serbia to strengthen a core pool of trainers, with appropriate technical skills to prepare and conduct workshops at a superior level. At the end they have improved their abilities to design and deliver capacity building programs in local economic development, local council role and responsibilities and negotiations skills.
Manual “Public Participation in Local Sustainable Development”, published under UNDP Macedonia
The manual helped the local project staff to gain new knowledge on strategic planning, the role of stakeholders in the development processes, participation objectives, levels and techniques/tools; to become more aware on the importance of planning a logical sequence of participation techniques in order to foster and further strengthening the local partnerships under Localizing Sustainable Development project.

Country report “Local Governments Budgeting”, published in Budapest by Local Government and Public Reform Initiative
The joint framework of this regional study has been the budgetary policy and process in local government. The studies encompass the legislative and institutional system of budgeting, thus revealing the relations between central and local budgetary policies. While primarily focusing on local political and administrative processes, various aspects of local budgeting like accounting, information, management, expenditure planning and capital budgeting are analyzed. Romania country report is co-authored by Victor Giosan.
Read this study here (external link) 

Manual “Municipal Finance – Training manual” published by OSCE spillover mission to Skopje
The manual has drawn from GDL experience in municipal finance in the Balkans and touches upon topics such as fiscal decentralization and budgeting at the local level. The workshop part is composed by a series of exercises, case studies and other training elements to help OSCE staff to conduct municipal finance training for local government representatives.
Manual “Participation process toward transparency and accountability- practical guide”, published under Rwanda Increased Community Accountability Model financed by USAID Rwanda
The manual helped selected Rwandan public authorities to identify tools and mechanism to fight corruption by bringing the decision making process closer to population. It builds on African experiences and focuses on solving concrete problems in several Rwandan municipalities.
Manual “Property tax – Training of trainers”, published under Good Local Governance Project financed by USAID Montenegro
The manual helped Montenegrins selected tax officers to comprehend the new training techniques on Property Tax, helped familiarized with the property tax law - progress and implementation, and guide them for future steps to conduct training programs on this topic.
Manual “Inter-municipal cooperation – Training manual for Macedonian municipalities”, published by OSCE spillover mission to Skopje
The essay part of the manual focuses on the benefits and forms of inter-municipal cooperation and then provides step-by-step guide on why and how to build such partnership for sustainable Macedonian development. It also gathers positive cooperation experiences from various countries. The workshop part is composed by a series of exercises, case studies and other training elements to help OSCE staff to conduct training for local government representatives.
Article “The process of participatory governance: an analysis of 40 cases” published by Participation Toolkit
The study presents the methodological aspects of the participation analysed based on elements provided by 40 international cases of the Participation Toolkit. To make the cost of participation worthwhile, the process managers need to be sure that the outcomes obtained can help improve public services and development. Therefore, the focus here is on how to plan, prepare, manage and conduct participation activities articulated in a coherent process.
Download this article here 

Article “Getting involved in Romania” published in Development Outreach, World Bank Institute,
The article explores the accomplishments in the area of local government strengthening in Romania through different assistance programs.

Read this article in Development Outreach 

Manual “Issue driven public participation - Training manual for Bosnian municipalities”, published under Local Government Assistance Program financed by USAID Bosnia and Herzegovina
The manual is a “how to” guide for Bosnian local government representatives and other stakeholders to help understand the benefits of public participation and to instruct on how to incorporate citizen participation tools in local community development.
Manual “Accounting for local governments – Training of Trainers”, published under Rwanda Fiscal Decentralization Program financed by USAID Rwanda
The Accounting manual developed by the public financial management expert has been converted by GDL’s trainers into training manual to serve as a guidebook in order to train selected Rwandan accountants in a series of ToTs. A workshop manual accompanies the essay part, as always in GDL’s trainings.

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